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Panchal Engineers -Hydro Testing, Helium Testing, Pressure Testing, Gearbox testing  Nashik IndiaTesting helps to evaluate performance of the product for validation of design.

Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing helps to evaluate performance of the products for validation of design. The facility is equipped with a pressure gauge, temperature gauge and safety systems with valves for setting of test parameters. During operation, pressure developed at critical locations is monitored and recorded.
Pressure testing is done by trained and qualified personnel. We also conduct Burst Testing as per client specifications.

Hydro Testing

Hydro Testing is done to check if there is any leakage and sweating, or visible deformation. The pressure holding capacity is monitored. The fluid used for this test is water.

Helium Testing

The leak detection is done by submergence of the cylinder lines in water. The internal pressure is maintained while the part is submerged at the maximum working pressure (MAWP). The fluid used for the test is helium.

Gearbox Testing

  • Gearbox Testing is done to measure different operating variables and parameters.

  • Gearboxes are tested for condition monitoring vibrations, leakages and noise.

  • Development and Component testing and simulation for actual running conditions is also done.

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